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  • What makes the Baloise Group what it is?

    The most important information on the Baloise Group can be found under About us > At a glance. Image placed above text.

  • How many employees does Baloise have?

    The Baloise Group employs some 8,000 people. They are the driving force behind our corporate performance. More details under About us > Organisation > employees.

  • What are the Group's goals?

    Our promise is “Making you safer.” Everything we do is geared towards safety. We combine insurance with smart prevention solutions and thus help to ensure that losses do not occur in the first place.

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  • Where can I find out more about the Corporate Executive Committee?

    The résumés of all members of the Baloise Corporate Executive Committee can be found under About us > Organisation > Corporate Executive Committee.

  • Which countries does the Baloise Group operate in?

    The Baloise Group is represented in Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium. More details under About us > Companies.

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  • Where can I find media information on the Baloise Group?

    Current media information and media information for previous years is available under Media relations > News overview.

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