Innovation has a high priority at Baloise. In 2016, Baloise embarked on the Simply Safe strategic journey, the aim being to make customers’ lives easier and safer in four key areas: Home, Mobility, Financial Wellness and Business Services. Within these key areas, known as ecosystems, Baloise entered into partnerships with external companies, invested in start-ups and established start-ups of its own. Our overview presents a selection of the innovations we have introduced since we set off on our journey.

Partner Anthemis

In 2017, Baloise enters into an investment partnership with the investment and consulting firm Anthemis Group. As part of this partnership, Baloise makes CHF 50 million available for investments in early-stage start-ups in Europe, the US and Israel. Anthemis Baloise Strategic Ventures aims to use investment to advance Baloise’s digital development.

Partner KASKO

Baloise enters into a close collaboration with KASKO. The London-based insurtech start-up specialises in digital insurance solutions. In cooperation with KASKO, Baloise is bringing new, innovative products onto the market using straightforward digital processes.

Home Cyber insurance for private customers

To meet the needs of our digital society, Baloise is the first insurance company in Switzerland to offer private customers comprehensive coverage against the risks associated with the cyber world. Baloise ensures, for example, that any photos posted online that the customer is not happy with are deleted, or assumes the costs incurred if credit card details are misused in connection with online shopping.

Partner F10

Baloise is a member of the Swiss fintech incubator and accelerator F10. This gives it exclusive access to promising international fintech start-ups, new technologies and business models with disruptive potential. F10 is based on Förrlibuckstrasse 10 in Zurich, in the same building as Baloise.


Baloise buys MOVU, the largest digital relocation platform in Switzerland, allowing it to acquire valuable know-how for the platform business. Together with the team at MOVU, Baloise wants to expand its offering in their core business and develop new services. MOVU was established in Zurich back in 2014. The core of the business model is to organise a comfortable and secure move for the customer.

Investment in startup Insurdata

The insurtech company Insurdata uses augmented reality and 3D modelling to enable a more accurate, simpler and more efficient assessment of insurance risks for real estate. The US-based start-up intelligently combines possible risks for a property to be insured by collecting construction data of the property as well as data about the surroundings.

Financial Wellness Baloise Hypo app

Baloise Bank SoBa becomes the first bank in Switzerland to launch a mortgage app on the market. Homeowners can use the Baloise Hypo app to complete the refinancing process with ultimate ease using their smartphone. The app gives users an attractive interest rate quote, which is fixed for one week, after only six questions. The credit decision is made automatically, with customers using their own reference images for property valuation purposes and being able to submit any necessary documents by simply taking photos of them.

Mobility Goodrive

Baloise in Luxembourg launches Goodrive, the first motor vehicle insurance policy that is linked to the vehicle itself. Goodrive evaluates driving styles and encourages young drivers to drive safely. Drivers who adopt considerate and safe driving styles receive a corresponding premium discount.

Home E-games

As part of its efforts to look into new fields of business arising from digital transformation, Baloise is aiming to familiarise itself with the gaming scene. It offers gaming gear insurance to insure gaming equipment against damage, theft and loss. This allows Baloise to offer a straightforward insurance solution that is tailored to meet the needs of a particular target group.

Mobility FRI:DAY

Baloise launches the insurance start-up FRIDAY in Berlin. The new insurance start-up, which operates with considerable autonomy, offers motor vehicle insurance on the German market that is consistently geared to customer benefit. Christoph Samwer was appointed as CEO.

Home Wristwatch insurance

As part of a pilot project for photo recognition insurance, Baloise launches a wristwatch insurance policy. This makes the process involved in taking out an insurance policy an emotional one for the very first time. The concept is based on smart, self-learning software that is capable of recognising an increasing number of wristwatch brands and models over time. The wristwatch insurance was launched in cooperation with the start-ups KASKO and Picsure.


Mobility DrivOlution

Baloise Insurance in Belgium becomes the majority shareholder of DrivOlution, a company specialising in the analysis and correction of driving styles. DrivOlution helps transportation companies and organisations with a large fleet of vehicles to analyse and adapt the driving style of their employees. In this way the drivers learn – on the basis of objectively collected data – to drive in a way that is safer, more considerate and better for the environment.

Investment in startup Trov

Baloise invests in the Californian insurtech company Trov, which offers on-demand single-item insurance. Trōv is already active in Australia, the UK and the US. The start-up, established in 2012, is a technology platform that cooperates with insurance companies and consumer platforms to offer insurance as part of a process that is as smooth as possible.

Business Services Asset management for third parties

Baloise announces that it will be expanding its asset management services on an ongoing basis and that it will now also be offering these services to third parties. The Baloise Asset Management offering is aimed primarily at institutional investors such as pension funds, which pursue a long-term investment strategy. The key to success is an investment strategy similar to the one that Baloise Asset Management also pursues for the assets under management of the Baloise Group’s insurance business.

Business Services Fasoon

In Switzerland, Baloise offers simple and fast insurance solutions on fasoon.ch in connection with setting up a company. Baloise, together with other corporate partners, assumes part of the costs of the company foundation, offers expert advice and the necessary products for starting up a new company.

Financial Wellness Monviso

Basler Versicherungen in Germany and Deutsche Asset Management launch a new sales channel under the name Baloise MONVISO on the monviso.de website using robotic technology. Customers can make fund-based asset investments tailored to their needs – and this completely digitally, from developing their personal investment strategy to opening a digital securities account.


Mobility Mobly

Baloise is expanding its range of digital services in the European insurance market and investing in Mobly. The mobility platform offers all services having to do with the second-hand car market. From a useful app, which records all journeys and establishes contact with the assistance provider in the event of a breakdown, to the independent expert who checks the car before it is purchased – Mobly offers our customers a meaningful additional service in the field of mobility.

Investment in startup omni:us

The Berlin-based omni:us specialises in services that use artificial intelligence to extract relevant data points from heterogeneous document streams. The products developed by omni:us specifically for the insurance industry classify and extract from various documents those contents that are necessary for the automated processing of the respective business processes and today often still have to be processed manually.

Partner Veezoo

As part of an experimental pilot project, Baloise is working with the start-up Veezoo to develop a conversation solution based on artificial intelligence. Veezoo’s smart software allows large volumes of data to be analysed and visualised in a matter of seconds. Veezoo is a spin-off launched by ETH Zurich.

Home Smart Living Lab

Baloise is addressing the issue of the housing requirements of tomorrow and launches a cooperation with the research centre Smart Living Lab. Smart Living Lab is a Fribourg-based research and development centre established by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, the School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg, and the University of Fribourg.

Culture Sarah's Vision

Baloise develops Sarah’s Vision, making it one of the first major companies in the world to develop a board game that will help it to achieve its strategic objectives and ensure that Baloise is positioned in such a way that it remains fit for the future. Sarah’s Vision is a cooperative board game set in the year 2163.

Home Möbel-Pfister Ltd

Furniture and rarity lovers can now insure their favourite pieces with Fiasko Kasko insurance in cooperation with Möbel-Pfister Ltd. The insurance goes much further than conventional home contents insurance, offering supplementary insurance cover. It also insures against mechanical damage, improper use, short circuits or voltage fluctuations and damage through foreign matter.

Business Services Real estate fund

Baloise Asset Management successfully launches Baloise’s first real estate fund with a placement volume of CHF 275 million. This is a key step in implementing the growth strategy for its third-party business. The move strengthens Baloise’s positioning in the Swiss market as an important partner for institutional investors.

Home Single-item insurance

Be it a model ship, a scooter, an armchair, headphones, a BBQ, a designer handbag, your mobile phone, camera or favourite instrument – insurance for these items and many more can be taken out with Baloise in two minutes and with just a few clicks. This tailored insurance solution developed in collaboration with KASKO and Picsure is Baloise’s way of keeping up with the latest trends.

Home Cloud seeder

Baloise is the first company in Switzerland to offer the population protection against hail damage. This involves using a specially equipped small aircraft that flies below the hail cloud and releases an acetone and silver iodide solution – which causes no damage to the environment and is safe for humans.

Home & Mobility Bank CLER

In addition to the innovative insurance and banking solutions that Baloise offers together with Baloise Bank SoBa, it also has digital offerings available on the market through a variety of channels. As part of the Zak app, Bank CLER customers have the option of taking out Baloise insurance with just a few clicks. Customers can choose between baggage, mobile phone and cyber insurance.

Investment in startup Carhelper

Baloise has invested in Carhelper, a car service direct comparison site, as part of a share capital increase. Carhelper is a direct comparison platform for automotive services that allows customers to obtain a selection of binding quotes for the service they require simply by selecting their vehicle and entering its current mileage plus their postcode.


Together with BLKB and the insurtech Anivo, Baloise is developing two new insurance products for mortgage customers. The idea is that these products will respond to customer demand for solutions to mitigate the risks associated with home ownership. The high level of customer benefit and the straightforward video chat function for customers seeking advice has been very well received.

Core Business Online claims notification

Baloise is revolutionising the claims notification process on the Swiss insurance market. Instead of being faced with countless forms and technical jargon, customers can expect an interactive chat function using photo and voice recognition. This allows claims to be reported in a matter of minutes – without the laborious process involved in typing in details.

Health B-Tonic

B-Tonic by Baloise Insurance is a health platform developed by Baloise Belgium that aims to improve people’s physical and mental fitness in Belgium. To that end, Baloise has launched an online platform on which a coach helps subscribers achieve physical or mental goals tailored to their individual needs – with personalised tips on nutrition, injury prevention and mental health.

Home UPC

Baloise is investing in gaming and e-sports in cooperation with UPC. This partnership allows UPC customers to take out both an interesting Internet subscription and insurance coverage that is tailored to suit gamers at the same time. Baloise and UPC are also sponsors of the Baloise International Gaming Show in Lausanne.

Financial Wellness Yellow Equities

Together with the start-up Think Yellow, Baloise launches Switzerland’s first-ever gender-friendly investment opportunity in the area of life insurance. The Yellow Equities equity portfolio comprises the sixty top-ranking companies in Europe in terms of gender equality – as evaluated by the independent organisation Equileap.

Business Services Cyber insurance for SMEs

Baloise offers corporate clients the insurance coverage against cyber risks that SMEs need. The insurance also provides comprehensive support for all aspects of protecting data. It covers the costs of everything from identifying the causes of data losses to restoring data and potential business interruptions. The service also includes crisis communications and PR consultancy.


Home insurninja

Baloise enters into a cooperation with the start-up insurninja. insurninja specialises in designing and distributing insurance covering all aspects of e-sports, gaming and digital entertainment. This will give Baloise access to valuable expertise, while allowing it to serve a broad customer segment by offering tailored insurance solutions.

Mobility ryd

Baloise launches a pilot project with the start-up ryd. ryd fits the car with an OBD2 connector and associated smartphone app, thereby turning the vehicle into a connected car. The pilot project will allow Baloise to better understand its customers’ mobility needs and tailor additional future mobility offers to existing requirements.

Core Business Brainalyzed

Baloise Asset Management, the asset manager of the Baloise Group, invests in the start-up Brainalyzed. Brainalyzed specialises in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Baloise decided to invest in the company after a partnership that has been ongoing for a period of two years now and based on its initial experience of swarm-based artificial intelligence.

Culture #worklifebaloise

Baloise launches its new employer campaign – #worklifebaloise – with thought-provoking questions and the courage to be transparent. The goal of the campaign is to generate more publicity for Baloise, move away from the conservative image the company has in the industry and grow its reputation as an innovative employer.

Financial Wellness Mobile Payment

Baloise Bank SoBa becomes one of the first banks in Switzerland to offer Google Pay as a mode of payment. This is consistent with the bank’s existing mobile payment offering and means that customers of Baloise Bank SoBa can now choose between Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, TWINT, Garmin Pay and now also Google Pay.

Home & Mobility Claims notification

Baloise is continuing to implement comprehensive measures designed to simplify the processing of claims. Baloise customers now receive queries regarding a claim in the form of a link sent by SMS or email, allowing them to answer them in a swift and straightforward manner online whenever it suits them best. This is part of a collaboration between Baloise and Denkpark.

Mobility & Home FRI:DAY

As the FRIDAY concept has proven successful, the leading digital insurer is now also offering home contents insurance. This will allow FRIDAY to continue on the growth path towards establishing itself as Germany’s most popular digital insurer. As with the car insurance, the home contents insurance is fully digital and impresses customers with its excellent value for money.

Investment in startup Stable

Baloise invests in Stable, a London-based start-up, via Anthemis Baloise Strategic Ventures. Stable has developed a parametric insurance product for agricultural businesses across the globe that automatically compensates them for income losses caused by price fluctuations.

Home Bubble Box

Baloise invests in the Swiss online laundry and dry-cleaning start-up Bubble Box. Bubble Box services are available as part of a marketing partnership with Baloise’s subsidiary MOVU. This will allow for the optimum exploitation of synergy potential between these two innovative companies specialising in digitalisation.

Home Devis.ch

Baloise invests in the market place for indoor and outdoor tradesmen and cleaning services, Devis.ch. The digital market place, which is already successful in French-speaking Switzerland, plans to expand its business to German-speaking Switzerland and will be implementing this plan together with MOVU.

Mobility & Home FRI:DAY

FRIDAY receives a Media for Equity investment in an amount of around CHF 43 million. SevenVentures, the financial investor behind ProSiebenSat.1 Media, and media investor German Media Pool are investing in the digital insurer set up by Baloise. The investment means that SevenVentures and German Media Pool now hold a total stake of 18.2% in FRIDAY.

Mobility Mobility insurance

The Antwerp-based start-up Mobly, which belongs to the Baloise Group, offers an innovative mobility insurance policy. The product insures the entire family for each kilometre driven, irrespective of the vehicle used. The insurance is better for customers’ wallets, too, because they only pay for the kilometres they actually drive in a car.

Business Services Single-item insurance for SMEs

Following the successful launch of the single-item insurance for private customers, Baloise is now extending the offering to cover corporate clients. These clients can take out the single-item insurance for their own business, but also have the option of offering comprehensive service packages relating to the products they sell in the B2B segment.