Baloise and insurninja to cover the Swiss gaming and e-sports scene

Basel, March 19, 2019. Baloise is entering into a collaboration with the start-up insurninja as part of its Simply Safe corporate strategy. insurninja designs and sells insurance policies focused on e-sports, gaming and digital entertainment. The partnership will enable Baloise to expand its ‘Home’ ecosystem in this fast-growing market, gain invaluable expertise and make tailored insurance solutions available to a broad customer segment.

The Düsseldorf-based start-up insurninja will now be offering its exclusive online insurance products for gamers and e-sports athletes in Switzerland too. The aim is for the products to be continuously refined through interaction with the community so that customers can enjoy the same sense of personal, financial and legal security in their real lives that they do in their virtual ones. insurninja’s innovative, customer-centric mission focused on offering peace of mind ties in perfectly with Baloise’s Simply Safe corporate strategy and is laying the foundation for the expansion of its ‘Home’ ecosystem in the growth market of gaming and e-sports.

Fast-growing fan community, demand for tailored products

Two years ago, Baloise launched its ‘Gaming Gear Insurance’ that saw it become the first insurance company in Switzerland to gain a foothold in the gaming and e-sports segment. E-sports currently has the fastest growing fan community of any type of sport. And the broader gaming market has been expanding at a double-digit rate for several years now. Switzerland is now home to around 1.5 million active gamers. Corsin Sulser, who is in charge of collaborations at Baloise in Switzerland, says that the partnership is helping Baloise to establish new touchpoints and to raise its profile in an emerging customer segment: “E-sports and gaming are booming. The strategic partnership with insurninja will allow us to tap into new customer segments and new distribution channels for our insurance solutions.” Tim Schlawinsky, managing director and co-founder of insurninja GmbH, is equally delighted about the partnership: “Baloise brings more than 150 years of expertise from the world of insurance to the table, while we are familiar with all aspects of the gaming community. Together, we can provide insurance products that meet the specific requirements of our target demographic.”

"I am you and you are me"

With its entry into the Swiss market, insurninja is also launching its first digital advertising campaign. Insurninja turns the game world around in the fresh and cheeky advertising sports: The game avatars speak for once. Based on popular video games, the game characters turn to their players and ask them for support. The idea is as simple as it is logical. If the avatar is harmed, the gamer will ultimately be harmed as well. It says, "I am you and you are me. If you protect yourself, why don't you protect me?"


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